Vocal Lessons: Why Should I Warm up My Voice? It's SO ... Boring!!!

Warming up the voice is a very common thing that singers do. However, as a Vocal Coach & Pre-Producer, I notice that a lot of singers complain about the time it takes to warm up and they wonder why they should do it.   

My main answer to that question is that if you really want to sing deeply with your emotions and your soul, you want to warm up before you sing.  If you don't warm-up your voice, it will give you resistance.  This will distract you from the song’s story lines as you sing.  Due to the distraction, the emotion will not be there; and the audience will not get the experience they deserve from your performance.

I don't recommend warm-up tapes, warm-up videos, or downloads that you get off the Internet. The warm-up should be specifically for your own voice, and you should learn how to warm-up your own unique voice.  This is because, as you all know, our voices are constantly changing.  Make sure you warm up with a recording from your coaching sessions, which is designed strictly for your own voice.  Work with a vocal teacher, or Vocal Pre-Producer that embraces your genre of songs to prepare you for all your shows, recording sessions and rehearsals.  In this way, warming up is really fun because you can “rock” your audience.

Brad Chapman

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