Vocal Lessons w/Brad Chapman: Play Music, Sing & Love What You Do

Let’s take a look at what this really means. It means that when we’re playing music, we should be doing it in a emotional mood; not as if we are robots or study hard type people --- instead we are playing hard and loving what we do --- without emotion, there is no magic.

Audience Response

In order for the audience to enjoy us, we must be enjoying ourselves too.  We are the host or hostess of the show (if we’re not feeling it, they’re not feeling it).  Now of course, that includes the emotions of any story, i,e, the blues, sad songs, angry songs, funeral songs and so forth…

Inner Drive

You’re playing it because you're driven from within; not because someone is forcing you to perform.  Some well-known artists say they work hard, and yes many celebrities have put in hundreds to thousands of hours into what they do.  Really, they are playing hard.  They have a huge fan base to prove it.

Stars Play

The whole time stars were playing (I know many of them), they are having a good time. Most people around them are usually music people.  Someone else might invite the artist to go with them to the beach, etc. The artist say’s: “Thank you, however, I really enjoy what I’m working on --- creating my arrangements, melodies and lyrics for a new recording project".

No Forcing

As teenagers and adults, most of the time no one is going to force you to play music. So, if you’re going to a school that is forcing you to perform music, I'd suggest you probably move on; unless you just want to be a technical musician/singer. 

Audience Connection

If you want to communicate with most people on a level that they understand (the emotional human level), then, it's all about “playing” music --- enjoying performing and recording, enjoying producing and engineering recordings, enjoying networking, enjoying copy-writing, and --- enjoying mastering your skills (as you are playing the same thing over and over again; many times a day). 

This is the key or one of the keys to having audiences feel connected to you.

Brad Chapman Vocal Coach & Vocal Pre-Producer