Why Artists Need Producers

I've touch on this particular subject often, and I realized I'd like to focus on just this topic with you in this blog. You may ask: why do I need a producer when I can do it in my own home studio by myself?

The Answer is Simple – “Feel”:
Records that attract your fans, have at least 80 to 90% feel.   Rarely is it good or great technique alone that brings fans.  You may hear someone on the radio or someone gives you a record, and you may wonder; why is this person famous … especially when you think that the singer has a terrible voice, and you have a music background.

You’re listening for music technique and the rest of the world (who is not musically trained) is listening and searching for emotions, rhythm and a great story that is well sung.  When a very good or even excellent producer takes on a project, he works with the artist to create an overall imagery of what is going to be communicated via recording, and via live for your tour.  To the audience, the producer is in a far better position to do this than the artist is.  Again, (especially if you're doing your own home recordings) you may ask: why do I need a producer?)

Fan Base Building thru “Feel”:
Producers are trained and experienced in seeing the whole package.  One of the main things he knows be sure that is happening, is that your singing and performance matches with the music that is behind you, and that it is supporting the emotions and expression you bring to your song. When the producer can feel the song from the music and the vocalist; then, he knows you both have a chance at building your fan base.  He knows that if the emotions and vibe are not there; the record may not sell.  For this reason, the producer will do the best job possible to bring out the artist’s emotional feel … because that's his expertise.   

The Producer’s Expertise - Make the Record Have Great “Feel”:
You can use your home recording studio to map out what you really want for the song.  Then, take it to a producer and have him work to bring it to life and take it to the next levl.

As the artist, you're not in a good position to be objective regarding the feel.  You, as an artist, listen to too many things to perfect the following: pitch, rhythm, etc. It is very difficult to be objective when listening to yourself and your performance, and by focusing on that, you won’t be able to feel the song and the emotion that you have written or someone else has written.  This is what a good producer can and will do for you.

“Emotionally Express” Your Song – so Others “Feel” It Too:
After you have succeeded at picking the right producer, then, you'll have a chance of having a record that will really be successful.  Successful in the terms that it will really make people feel something; so they want to hear that record over and over again, and they want to come to your shows over and over again. Some of your fan base will even follow you to the next gig, if they get enough feel out of your performances.

This advice to find a producer comes from deep within the music industry.  It’s not promoted in People magazine or Guitar Player magazine, etc. or by any of the people who are promoting themselves rather than giving you the real facts on how to succeed.

Producer Partnership – Team Work to Success:
Once a producer and you make a partnership, then both of you will be motivated to succeed; you’re a team.  The producer will guide you in the right direction, and hopefully have the right contacts to help you on your journey.

Use a producer and really move your audience.  This is one of the best pieces of advice I can give any vocalist or musician for that matter.  You may not heed this advice.  I understand it's very tempting to try to do everything on your own in your home studio all by yourself, while thinking that this the greatest record ever made.

Straight Talk:
To prove my point that you need a producer, I’ll give you a test.  The test is to listen to virtually every record that you really, really, love; most likely you will find the name of a producer on that record.  (Note - Exception: Sometimes bands may produce themselves using each other for objectivity.)

When an artist is ready for a producer, the producer will take you on to success.  Enjoy your life as a very successful artist.

Brad Chapman Vocal Pre-Producer  www.bradchapmanvocals.com